About me

I have been a professional Dominatrix  for 16 years, based in Prague/Czech republic (Central Europe). 

I'm a gentle, charming, elegant, friendly, witty Mistress.

I'm discreet in public, but sneaky, strict & kind, hard & soft in all private moments.

I have many regulars clients worlwide who want Me to train them and to push their limits. Moreover, they do not expect any sexual service from Me but never forget My safe, sane and consensual practices.  Do not hesitate and visit Me in person or meet Me by just watching My clips. I’ve made many movies at the Other World Kingdom for many years. After that I’ve launched My official website: Madamesarka.com and started My online Shop where you can find My own movies. I'm pretty sure you'll find your favorite kink or fetish in My clips: foot-worship, boot-worship, trampling, facesitting, CBT, strap-on, caning, whipping, bondage, trampling and lot's and lot's more.

I've always known the truth: the superiority of Women and the inferiority of men. Since My debut in the Other World Kingdom I've been around people who share My interests and they gave Me new ideas, wishes and plays that have enriched My dominant world. It makes Me well experienced and I can teach each and every Women to become a smart and sublime Mistress.

Sex is forbiden.

I like traveling a lot and going to SM parties all over the world, so that I can examine foreign cultures. They are a huge influence to Me and I've picked up several things along the way and applied them to My personal lifestyle.

Do you want to know more about Me?


Whipping blog

Take him back?

I have got this message from one (ex)slave.

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Serious words

I am releasing a few words, that I received from my prisoner.

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OWK Ladies

One day we had a session with one slave. Why I am speaking about “WE”? it is not spelling mistake, because in the session was 3 OWK Ladies – I, Madame Nicole and Madame Loreen. From one reason I am not putting here their all body pix but you can enjoy the boot fetish pix we have shot.

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